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Fishes are great source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Fish is also the world’s best source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are incredibly important for your body and brain. Eating fish will surely decrease your risks of heart attacks and strokes. There are so many benefits of eating fish; you must include them in your diet so that you can take full benefit of this amazing creature of God.

There are many ways in which you can prepare fish for example by frying, poaching, grilling and also with the help of oven. In many parts of the world, fish are used in curries. No matter which way you consume your fish, they all taste great. For me preparing fishes using best gas grills is more fun, plus it gave more flavor to the dish. So today, we will discuss the recipe to grill a seawater fish that will enhance the level of the flavor.

First thing, you need to do, is go to the nearest fish market and buy a whole sea bass that weighs almost two to two and a half kilogram. Get it cleaned but leave the head just get scale removed along with any veins or organs inside the fish. If you do not have any fish market in your town, so you can buy them from a supermarket. Once you have bought your fish, start to prepare marinate.

For marinate you will need a big block of a butter, chopped parsley, crushed thyme leaves and two minced garlic cloves. Mix them thoroughly and keep them in a separate bowl. Now take your fish and score on the both sides of the fish. Once this is done, take slices of onions, celery, lemon and tomatoes and fill them in the belly and some of these slices on the scored cuts. Then season the whole fish with salt and pepper even inside the belly of the fish. Then add a generous amount of butter mixture inside the belly and let the fish marinate for about twenty minutes.

Meanwhile you fish is being marinated, start the gas grill. Check for the gas supply and ignite the fire with the help of a lighter. Once the gas grill has been started, clean its grates and apply a generous amount of oil so that skin of the fish does not stick. After that turn the heat to high and let the grates, be warmed for about ten minutes. After your gas grill is ready, place the fish at an angle from a grate. Then let it cook for about seven to ten minutes each side. After few minutes apply the leftover mixture of the butter on the unseared side of fish then once one of your sides is, done apply the mixture on the other side and let it cook. Once both sides are done, very carefully remove the fish and turn the gas grill off if you are done with cooking. Serve them straight away with Pita bread, a Greek yogurt and Mediterranean salad.

Whether you use your cold press juicer regularly or it is sitting on your shelf in the kitchen catching dust, both wear and tear, and neglect can make your cold press juicer lose its shape and efficiency and no one wants to do that to a valuable investment. There are a few things which you, as the owner of a delicate, prestigious culinary tool, must know in order to properly maintain your masticating juicing machine and to, therefore, ultimately ensure that you will get the best out of your juicer for years to come.

Clean it After Every Use

While this is true for every kitchen utensil, machinery, and tool, and also true for all sorts of other regular-use tools, it is especially true for large and difficult to clean machines such as cold press juicers. The cold press juicer is, oftentimes, bulky machinery with several hard to reach parts which, if left untouched, can store food residue and become dirty and clogged. This can gradually reduce the performance of your masticating juicer and slowly erode away at the machine which you bought from your hard-earned money for the good purpose of providing yourself with essential nutrients.

Tools Needed for Cleaning

Assembling the equipment required to regularly cleanse your cold press juicer is as easy as pie because often you can find many of the required cleaning tools at home and if not then they are so common that they will most likely be available at your nearest general store – and at a cheap price too! As it is important to clean every part of your juicer and the tools which will be mentioned here are essential to doing so and are also cheap, we highly recommend that you follow our convenient advice. You will need a pipe cleaning brush, a nylon cleaning brush or a toothbrush with stiff nylon bristles, and a regular sponge composed of a rough, abrasive side.

How to Clean

Use the pipe cleaning brush to reach the depths of the most difficult to clean areas such as the pour sprout of the juicer. The pipe cleaning brush has a long, pipe-like handle which is easy to maneuver through narrow and deep places and stiff nylon bristles at one end which can easily scrub out the deepest of places in your juicer. A toothbrush or a nylon cleaning brush would be perfect to scrub out the remaining residue from the juicer’s filter basket in order for it to be washed away. To clean the rest of the cold press juicer, typically easy to reach surfaces like the main container, use a sponge to scrub away any food residue.

Clean Thoroughly From Time to Time

What is also important in taking care of your cold press juicer is to give it a deep, thorough cleanse after every few months. Follow the user manual or guide of your cold press juicer model to disassemble it and to give all its parts a thorough scrubbing using a dry or wet cloth. Alternatively you can soak all the parts of your cold press juicer  in warm water and then scrub away the residue from them with a toothbrush.

A pressure cooker is a very useful piece of appliance used in almost all modern kitchens today. It cooks food much faster than conventional methods of cooking along with saving energy. It is a sealed vessel in which you put the food that needs to be cooked along with sufficient water. The steam trapped inside increases the pressure inside the cooker and increases the temperature to cook food quicker. Some amateur cooks fear the use of pressure cookers due to stories they have heard of exploding pressure cookers. However, newer models of pressure cookers have eliminated this danger and are safe to be handled by amateurs as well. Here are some of the benefits you get from cooking food in a pressure cooker.

Saves time:

Food is cooked much faster using a pressure cooker than by other conventional methods. Pressure cookers speed up the cooking process by raising the boiling point to as high as 250 degrees by increasing the internal pressure. This method reduces the cooking time by over 70% in contrast to other cooking methods.

Saves energy:

Pressure cookers gained their popularity during World War II as a means of cooking food using less energy. By saving the cooking time, a pressure cooker is also saving energy. It saves up to 70% energy as compared to other conventional methods. Saving energy means you are saving money as well. Stove-top pressure cookers save considerable amounts in your gas bills while electric pressure cookers lead to savings in your electricity bills.

Saves nutrients in food:

The food cooked using pressure cookers are more nutritious according to one simple rule: the longer the food is cooked, the more nutrients it will lose.  Since a pressure cooker cooks food in lesser time as compared to other methods, it saves more nutrients in your food. With a pressure cooker, food is cooked in less time which ensures that all the natural flavors and colors are still intact along with its nutrients. Cooking in a traditional pan for long duration makes the food lose their flavors and colors hence making it less appealing and less tasty.

Eliminating harmful microorganisms from food:

Pressure cooker cooks food by increasing the boiling point of water. Hence the food is cooked at very high temperatures well above 100 degrees. This kills almost all harmful organisms like bacteria that might be present in the food. Pressure cookers makes the food far healthier to consume than that prepared by conventional methods find more information on best pressure cooker. This protects the person from consuming anything that might infect them with diseases or viruses.

Less cleaning required:

With the conventional pots, spills while boiling settle over stove-tops, walls or floor which requires quite an effort to clean. With pressure cookers, the food are cooked in a tightly closed space with eliminates any dangers of any spill over and keeps the surrounding clean. After your meal is ready you just have to clean the pressure cooker and you are done.

We hope this article helped you understand what a useful piece of appliance a pressure cooker is and how you can use it to prepare much healthier, tastier food in much less time and using much less energy.

Most mothers prefer making baby food at home rather than buying it from the supermarket. Since our baby’s immune system has not developed enough yet, we need to be exceptionally careful with what we are feeding them. We can only be fully satisfied with the quality of food we make for our babies at home rather than a product bought at the supermarket. For making baby food, we need a couple of our conventional kitchen gadgets to start with. If however, you are a working mom and looking for better management of your time, you would want to buy a baby food processor to make your task faster and simpler. As with any other product in the market, there is a wide variety of baby food processors for you to choose from. You need to consider some features that can be found in baby food processor before making your decision. These features will help you chose which is the best food processor to make baby food for you.

Electric or Manual:

Baby food processors come in two broad categories. They are either electric or manual. Most people prefer electric because it’s easier to use, more efficient and a lot faster than its manual counterpart. However if you travel a lot, manual food processor would be a more convenient choice for you. Also, if you are want to save money, manual is a lot cheaper than electric baby food processor.


You need to ask yourself two questions. How much countertop space is available to you in your kitchen? Do you prefer making large quantities of baby food and storing it or do you want to make it fresh every day? If you have a large counter-top space available then you can easily buy a large baby food processor with a larger capacity to make food in large batches if you want to. If you prefer making food in small quantities you should buy one with a smaller capacity. If you want to make large batches of food at once and store them, look for a large capacity baby food processor provided you have enough counter-top space available.


Baby food processors range from simplest models with the most basic functions of grinding or blending to most advanced models with steaming, cooking, blending and sterilizing functionalities. It is needless to say; the more the functionality, the higher the price. You have to decide what features you need and how much are you willing to spend on them.

Easy to clean:

It is very important for you to choose a food processor that is easy to clean if you are looking to save time. One that does not have a lot of small parts and is dishwasher safe is the best option for you.


The more advanced machines will come at a greater price than the simpler ones. It is dependent on how much functionality you require in your machine and how much are you willing to spend. You will need to do a little research to find the most cost-effective options that meet the list of functionality you want.