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Fishes are great source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Fish is also the world’s best source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are incredibly important for your body and brain. Eating fish will surely decrease your risks of heart attacks and strokes. There are so many benefits of eating fish; you must include them in your diet so that you can take full benefit of this amazing creature of God.

There are many ways in which you can prepare fish for example by frying, poaching, grilling and also with the help of oven. In many parts of the world, fish are used in curries. No matter which way you consume your fish, they all taste great. For me preparing fishes using best gas grills is more fun, plus it gave more flavor to the dish. So today, we will discuss the recipe to grill a seawater fish that will enhance the level of the flavor.

First thing, you need to do, is go to the nearest fish market and buy a whole sea bass that weighs almost two to two and a half kilogram. Get it cleaned but leave the head just get scale removed along with any veins or organs inside the fish. If you do not have any fish market in your town, so you can buy them from a supermarket. Once you have bought your fish, start to prepare marinate.

For marinate you will need a big block of a butter, chopped parsley, crushed thyme leaves and two minced garlic cloves. Mix them thoroughly and keep them in a separate bowl. Now take your fish and score on the both sides of the fish. Once this is done, take slices of onions, celery, lemon and tomatoes and fill them in the belly and some of these slices on the scored cuts. Then season the whole fish with salt and pepper even inside the belly of the fish. Then add a generous amount of butter mixture inside the belly and let the fish marinate for about twenty minutes.

Meanwhile you fish is being marinated, start the gas grill. Check for the gas supply and ignite the fire with the help of a lighter. Once the gas grill has been started, clean its grates and apply a generous amount of oil so that skin of the fish does not stick. After that turn the heat to high and let the grates, be warmed for about ten minutes. After your gas grill is ready, place the fish at an angle from a grate. Then let it cook for about seven to ten minutes each side. After few minutes apply the leftover mixture of the butter on the unseared side of fish then once one of your sides is, done apply the mixture on the other side and let it cook. Once both sides are done, very carefully remove the fish and turn the gas grill off if you are done with cooking. Serve them straight away with Pita bread, a Greek yogurt and Mediterranean salad.